Welcome to Bornholm Folk High School


At Bornholm Folk High School, emphasis is placed on art and cultural understanding.

All applicants must be at least 17½ years of age.


Ceramics, Glass Art, Jewellery Design, Art and Outdoor require and develop your creativity, craftsmanship, and skills of reflection. Join an exciting journey to Bornholm into the world of creativity. Take the chance and go on in your life together with your new possibilities. Half of the weekly teaching at the school consists of basic general subjects.


Look forward to a close and intense school life, where there is emphasis on freedom to develop and respect for others as well as for the group as a whole.


There is space for displaying skills and peace for absorption and development. Our teachers are well trained in their subjects, and there is a possibility to receive study and existential guidance.


The art subjects prepare students for further work in design and art institutions. The Art Academy’s Design School, Bornholm, (previously known as the Glass and Ceramic School) is located in Nexø.


We have a close and intensive school life, with emphasis on freedom of expression and respect for others.



The workshops are open the entire day – and you are free to use them. The main courses consist of 10 – 12 hours each week. In the main courses, there is a possibility to go into depth with your subject and develop proficiency in your crafts. All the teachers of the main courses are either practicing professional performers or artists.


Short-term courses:

Field Painting course on Bornholm

This course will use drawing as a way of ‘active looking’. In all weathers and for extended periods of time, course participants will embrace Bornholm’s fantastic natural environment, as we attempt to sketch, draw, and paint under the open skies.

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Main courses (with the right to change if necessary):



Glass Art


Jewellery Design


The choice of the two main subjects is binding. Main subject 1 fills the major part of your schedule in the beginning of your stay (two full days per week). In the last part of your stay, teaching hours in the subject are reduced to one full day per week. You will then attend then second main subject (main subject 2).


Possible electives (with the right to change if necessary):



Podcast and soundart

Music and choir


Ecology and sustainability

International dialogue

Nature and Culture

Art History

Danish language (mandatory for foreign students)


Study plans are chosen individually.


Each day at the school starts with a traditional morning assembly with singing and presentations by the teachers and pupils.




In the evenings and weekends the students can arrange different activities together; sports, plays, “Folk High School Evening” with various contents etc. We also have  weekly meetings for all students and staff in which we discuss all questions of relevance for the life of the school.


The school is located in the middle of the island and very close to the valley, Ekkodalen, and the forest of Almindingen.


We have space for 60 pupils.


There is an international environment at the school with about half of the students coming from abroad.