All you need to know about Bornholms Højskole


Welcome to Bornholm Folk High School

At Bornholm Folk High School, emphasis is placed on art and cultural understanding.
All applicants must be at least 17½ years of age.

Long courses at Bornholm College
Spring 2021 (starting January 4)

Bornholm is the island that is known for the general public, arts, crafts, ecology, climate, sustainability and nature. Bornholm Folk High School holds it all. At Bornholm Folk High School, you can become clearer about yourself and your surroundings – and you can clarify yourself in an exam-free environment where the medium is yours and the others’ thoughts, dreams and visions.

The glass workshop

From January 1, 2021, Bornholms will, as something new, offer two main lines and a series of transversal electives, which will change over the period. The whole thing is rooted in a committed community and togetherness.

Art line

Offers you unique opportunities to explore the crafts the island is known for:
Visual arts and installation

Democracy, society and sustainability

Allows you to work with politics, climate, activism, debate and sustainability in both a local and global perspective. This will take place in theory and practice, so that the team will deal with current community issues and stand for projects both inside and outside the school. The line will collaborate with the “Folkemødet” (“People’s Assembly”, an event on the island every June with more than 100.000 participants), which will be the end of the stay, and it will work with the ideas behind “Bright Green Island”. The line is given a large area available so that ideas can be translated into concrete reality.


In addition to having one of the two main lines, you will be able to choose from a variety of electives, which will either run throughout your stay or periodically. The elective program includes:
Outdoor and outdoor life, where you can challenge the unique scenery on the wildest mountain bike trails, climb the steepest cliffs or just enjoy the Echo Valley, which is of course Denmark’s most beautiful backyard.
Music, where rhythmic interplay, choral singing, music theory, concert, music history and hearing lessons are possible. In our music room we work widely with the music and based on your wishes as a student.
Sketching and croquis, where you can enhance your ability to see and sense and to reproduce what is seen.
Yoga and relaxation, where you can get to know your body and relax.
Students’ electives. The school will try to establish electives according to the wishes of the students.

The ceramics workshop

Photography class

Other high school activities

There is a morning gathering every morning with a small presentation, a story, a song, a thought, a…. from an employee, a student or an exciting person from the outside. There are built-in line excursions and a joint tour during your stay.

As our new profile is being set up, more information about content will follow, weekly schedule later. You can book a tour here. The school pays transport costs from Copenhagen to Rønne and returns by bus. And you can contact teacher Rikke Lehrskov Andersen ( / 3071 2161) or principal Niels Glahn ( / 2035 2362) for more information.

We are looking forward to hear from you.


Preliminary statement - subsidiary classes are chosen when you are at the folk high school
The information is treated with confidentiality.
At Bornholms Højskole we often take photos or videos of students and display these on our website and on social media. Photography and recordings will take place while you are a student at the højskole or if you attend events for former students at the højskole.
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