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Unfortunately we do not admit more international students at the V1 course (fall 2021) starting September 6.

Welcome to Bornholm Folk High School

Bornholm is the island that is known for the general public, arts, crafts, ecology, climate, sustainability and nature. Bornholm Folk High School holds it all. At Bornholm Folk High School, you can become clearer about yourself and your surroundings – and you can clarify yourself in an exam-free environment where the medium is yours and the others’ thoughts, dreams and visions.

At Bornholm Folk High School there are four subject areas:
Arts and Crafts
Outdoor Life and Nature

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You can combine the subjects on the four subject fields, so you are free to choose between more than 30 different subjects across the four subject fields mentioned. In addition to the four fields, we have a field with other subjects and courses, as well as interest subjects, which are created according to student wishes. Your schedule is made in the first week of school.


The glass workshop

The subjects are divided into A, B, C and D subjects.
The A-subjects are repeated throughout the period.

The other subjects change during the periods, so that subject choices are made again up to 1 March.
We cannot promise that you can have all your first choices fulfilled, but we will do our best.
Number of hours per week in the individual subjects, incl. breaks:

A-subject = 6 hours (two A-subjects are selected)
B-subject 5,5 hours
C-subject 2 hours
D-subject 2,5 hours

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The ceramics workshop


Photography class

The language of instruction is Danish, but important information will be translated into English.
All applicants must be at least 17½ years of age.

Long courses at Bornholms Folk High School:
– Fall 2021, September 6 – December 20 (V1) FULL
– Spring 2022, January 2 – June 19 (V2) FULL
– Fall 2022, August 29 – December 17 (V3)
– Spring 2023, January 2 – June 16 (V4)

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