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Field Painting course on Bornholm

The physical challenges of being outside in all weathers can generate a vibrancy and creativity in our mark-making and creative output that can sometimes be lost indoors.

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This course will use drawing as a way of ‘active looking’. Staying with our subject and getting to know it more intimately. Testing our understanding and exploring different means of interpreting what we see and feel. As long as this process is part of an honest investigation of what we are experiencing there can be no such thing as a ‘bad drawing’. It is all part of a never ending process of trying to understand our world better.

In all weathers and for extended periods of time, course participants will embrace Bornholm’s fantastic natural environment, as we attempt to sketch, draw, and paint under the open skies.

During the course you can expect a wide ranging introduction to field painting, natural history interpretation and ways of working outdoors. At the week’s end course leaders and attendees will present an informal exhibition of the week’s work that will be open to the general public.

The course is led by Bornholm resident and artist Ben Woodhams and the experienced and highly regarded English printmaker Greg Poole, the course leaders will take you on a journey through the Danish island of Bornholm’s diverse and wide ranging landscape. Visiting some of the lesser-known sites on the island, we will attempt to record and interpret the birds, plants and landscapes that we encounter, in a meaningful and creative way.

The course will be taught in English (Greg and Ben) and Danish (Ben).

The course is limited to 20 participants, and places are offered on a first come first serve basis.

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Full board and lodging is offered by the Folk High School of Bornholm. You can choose between a double room w/ en suite, a double room w/ shared bathroom and a single room w/ shared bathroom.

The price for the course is as follows:

  • Double room w/ en suite – 4.750 DKK pr. person (approx. 638 EUR)
  • Double room w/ shared bathroom – 4.250 DKK pr. person (approx. 570 EUR)
  • Single room w/ shared bathroom – 4.700 DKK (approx. 630 EUR)

Bornholm residents wishing not to use accommodation can claim a 500 DKK discount.

Note: Students and young people aged between 18 and 25 years can claim a 1.000 DKK discount!


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Generelt om kurserne

Bornholm er forskellig fra resten af Danmark og rig på variation. Klipperne mod nord, landets femte største skov Almindingen midt på øen og de hvide sandstrande mod syd er bare tre eksempler på øens egenart og store afveksling. Maleriske byer langs kysten ligger som perler på en snor. Her har skiftende tider og dramatiske begivenheder sat deres præg på mennesker, historie og kultur.

Du kan desuden glæde dig til skolens hjemlige og hyggelige rammer – både inde og ude – og den fantastiske natur med bare 10 minutters gang til Ekkodalen.


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Greg Poole

Ben Woodhams




9. september, 2018 — 15. september, 2018